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Jade Barbee EFT Trainer Practitioner

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Upcoming Events

02 Mar
Led by: Petra Kralj

EFT International Accredited Level 1 EFT Training

  • Where: Vienna, Austria
  • When: 2 March, 2024 (more details on www.eftzentrum.at)
  • Cost: €150 till 2 February (then €175)
  • Language: Deutsch
  • Time zone: CET
  • Led by: Petra Kralj
03 Mar
Led by: Katie Walker

Level 3 EFT Training

  • Online Event
  • When: Every Sunday from 03 March for 3 weeks - 03th / 10th and 24th March
  • Cost: Enjoy an early bird’s fee of $1100 up to 12th February. Standard fee is $1250 from 13th February 2023.
  • Language: English
  • Time zone: Perth, Australia
  • Led by: Katie Walker
03 Mar
Led by: Eda Hardy

EFT Group Mentoring Day - Online 6 Hours

  • Online Event
  • When: 3rd March 2024
  • Cost: £100
  • Language: English
  • Time zone: GMT
  • Led by: Eda Hardy
03 Mar
Led by: Eleni Vardaki

Group Tapping for Goals

  • Online Event
  • When: 3rd March 2024
  • Cost: €27
  • Language: English
  • Time zone: Athens, Greece (Eastern European Time zone)
  • Led by: Eleni Vardaki
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