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About EFT International

EFT International is a unique, not-for-profit global association of dedicated EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioners, trainers and students. We hold our members to the highest standards of EFT practice, and all must engage in annual professional development activities, undergo mentoring, and uphold a comprehensive code of conduct and ethics. The EFT International website is a hub of EFT information, events, and scholarly work, including the latest scientific research, a growing archive of EFT articles and perspectives, and a comprehensive introductory EFT manual.

Our mission: EFT International is committed to advancing and upholding the highest standards for education, training, professional development and promotion of the skillful, creative and ethical application of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Benefits Of EFT International Membership

As an EFT International accredited member, you can:

  • Connect with professional support (code of conduct and ethics, complaints procedure, volunteer opportunities and more)
  • Promote your EFT trainings, workshops and events
  • Highlight your professional EFT expertise, products and services (including published articles and events) with your comprehensive profile page and practitioner listing
  • Feature your EFT experiences on our website and monthly newsletter
  • Participate in our responsive Facebook groups and online communities
  • Train and study with the world’s most experienced EFT teachers

Latest Articles & News

Is Your Trainer or Practitioner Ethical and Responsible?

EFT International’s Ethos and Ethics When a practitioner or trainer is working in line with our values, you can tell because they will: Be responsible, respectful and kind Address anything that is sensitive and potentially shame-laden tactfully and respectfully Be aware of and respect your boundaries* and boundaries appropriate to the context Tell you about […]

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Natural Tapping With Infants

An anecdote from one of my clients: My sweet baby grandson is 15 months old and, after honeymooning in Hawaii with his folks and big brother, he was sick after they got back home. I was babysitting him and after his nap he was waking up slow.  As we cuddled and rocked, I noticed him […]

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